" As a child I dreamed of being in harmony with horses. Now I find myself living the dream. "

What is Feel based training?

    Feel and Release is a more mindful way of communicating with all beings. Feel-based handling is learning how to communicate your needs and leave your horses natural movement available to them. Becoming mindful teaches us what a true partner means to a horse, and handling that brings mind, body, and spirit in one.

     I am going to start by assuming you are all familiar with some form of pressure and release methods of training (Traditional or Natural). What we don't realize is that pressure based methods limit the horses ability to efficiently give you what you are looking simply due to gravity.  When we apply pressure to any being they instinctually resist in order to remain standing. This biomechanical response is the brace every horse feels when confronted with pressure and can be a confusing obstacle to overcome. By teaching the horses mind through feel and then applying pressure you can avoid unintentionally setting them up to fail, and increase their desire to give more try and want to be with us. 
    Understanding how a horse moves, and how we unintentionally block them we have the opportunity to make what we need from them easy.  It offers the horse a better way to be in harmony with humans, and gives us what we want or need. Working through feel changed my life as well as the lives of the horses around me I look forward to sharing with you what I know

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Understanding feel vs. pressure and release.